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Mexican Observatory on Crisis

Mexican Observatory
on Crisis

About the OMEC

The Mexican Crisis Observatory (OMEC) comes to light when constant economic, political, social and environmental imbalances appear in national and international scenarios, thus creating the need for accurate, useful and timely information.

In an uneasy atmosphere created by the financial crisis, it was established on April, 2009 in search for new alternatives for the crisis.

“We are a research center of collective and individual citizen action.”

Observatorio Mexicano de la Crisis

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A crisis is any event or circumstance that interrupts development processes, thus causing instability, scarcity, and deterioration of welfare levels.

An observatory is any organization that analyzed, processes, and theorizes a specific context or reality.

Crises in the world

Starting with the 1929´s Great Depression and ending with the 2010 currency wars, the timeline below features distinct crises across different eras and includes a summary of the consequences each crisis brought.


National and International Certificates

Registration statement with RENIECyT of
CONACyT since September 13, 2010.

Special Consultative Status with the Economic
and Social Council of the United Nations since

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National and International Acknowledgments

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