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The Mexican Observatory on Crisis is part of the CEAP Student Internship Program a program of the Pacific Alliance Business Council that allows students from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru to carry out their professional internships in leading international companies. This allows students to strengthen their knowledge and gain work experience for their professional future.

Thus, the Mexican Observatory on Crisis commits itself to the professional orientation of university students from these countries. These students have been part of the internationalization program with the OMEC

2022-1 PERIOD

Jenny Paola Betancourt Leuro

System Engineering Student. Fundación Universitaria Compensar – Colombia. 

Forest Engineer form Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. Her professional interests are: data science, programming, and video games.



Jimena Judith Huillca Davila.

Economist. Universidad del Pacífico – Peru.

Professional in Economics with a field of specialization in the Business Sector. She has experience in data analysis applied to the banking and financial sector, database management, and queries in Python, R, and SQL. Being a results-oriented professional, she stands out for her special interest in the banking and financial economic analysis with machine learning techniques.


José Reyes Cisneros

Biomedical Engineering Student. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) / Universidad Peruana Cayetano Beredia (UPCH)

His professional interests range from data science and data engineering to architecture and artificial intelligence. He has completed courses in: Data Scientist with Python – DataCamp, SQL fundamentals – DataCamp, Deep Learning with Python and Keras – UPCH Graduate School.

He was also a Research Assistant in the Platform Design for Storage and Analysis of Clinical Databases Generated by the Resp-IoT System for Monitoring Patients with COVID-19 Project. Furthermore, he volunteered in the Municipality of San Borja to assist the COVID-19 vaccination.


2022-2 PERIOD


Cesar Alejandro Delgado Gutiérrez

Student at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas -Peru.

Specializing in market and economic research, BI, econometric analysis using software such as Stata, EViews, and R, he has a gained clear picture of the importance teamwork has when achieving objectives.



Diego Carrillo

Graphic Design Student. Universidad de Investigación y Desarrollo UDI – Colombia. 

Being a photographer and audiovisual producer, his professional skills range from camera handling and audiovisual tools to editing and multimedia post-production. He has worked as an audiovisual producer and photographer in different areas, the most notable being social, architectural, and product photography.



Jaime Espindola

Telecommunications Student.

Having sound experience in the design, formulation, management, evaluation, and control of energy and telecommunications projects, he guarantees that inventories are reviewed and updated. Additionally, he proposes innovative strategies that enable information in different platforms to be consolidated and updated by parameterizing and standardizing processes. Lastly, he is able to analyze large volumes of information, process data, and create graphic reports that pave the way for decision-making.


Juan Camilo Ceballos Candelo

Economics Student. Universidad del Valle – Colombia

He has been a research assistant in different projects, the most important being:

  • COVID-19 Economic Crisis in Colombia and Public Universities Income Structure (Quantitative Finance Research Group – Universidad del Valle
  • Contagion in Financial Markets: the Application of Network Analysis in Finance (Groupe de recherche en finance appliquée – Université de Sherbrooke)

Ultimately, his fields of interest are macroeconomics and finance.



Juan Esteban Jimenez Cuestas

Software Engineering Student.  Fundacion Universitaria Ucompesar – Colombia. 

Great team player professional with database as well as HTML, CSS, and JAVA SCRIPT knowledge.



Juan Manuel Vanegas Tamara

Professional Technician in Software Applications Programming Student. Fundación Universitaria Compensar – Colombia. 

He has completed courses in Data, Base Foundations, and Java Fundamentals.



Karen Tatiana Mantilla Ortega

Social Communications Student. Universidad de Investigación y Desarrollo UDI – Colombia. 

Having completed a diploma in community media at the National Learning Service (SENA, in Spanish), her professional interests range from research and communication for development to political communication and political journalism. Likewise, her leadership and teamwork professional skills as well as her constant thirst for knowledge can be highlighted. 



Santiago Camelo Bermúdez

Electronic Engineering Student. Universidad del Valle – Colombia. 

Being part of the PSI research group at his college, his professional interests include: artificial intelligence, information security, control systems, and research. 



2023-1 PERIOD 


Angie Paola Ayala Moreno.

Social Communications Student. Universidad de Investigación y Desarrollo (UDI) – Colombia.

Some of her skills include writing, photography, production, and post-production of audiovisual pieces and visual content design. Professionally, she is interested in organizational communication, strategic communication, and video production and post-production. In addition, she is known for being hardworking, responsible, communicative, committed, and willing to learn.


Gabriela Fernanda Pedraza Espinosa

Industrial Engineering Student. Universidad de Investigación y Desarrollo (UDI) – Colombia. 

Being an Industrial Engineering student, she is skilled in the handling of technological tools. She is also know for being proactive and a great team asset. Lastly, she is also open-minded and willing to enrich her personal and professional knowledge.